Expanding the Reach and Audience for Wild Bark


Our client recently founded Wildbark, a brand with strong focus on natural and high-quality dog accessoires such as collars, leashes and beds. To quickly gain a footing in the market, the founders asked us to support them with a full advertising strategy. Since the market for dog accessories is very competing, we had to find a solution to present the brand effectively.
Our goal was to establish the newly founded brand on the market within a few months and to pull a constant stream of visitors to the website who were ready to buy.


Customers who already appreciate sustainability and eco-friendly goods are more likely to buy appropriate products for their pets. Our marketing strategy for Wildbark was based on this belief.
Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we wanted to communicate in our campaigns, where trust, quality and sustainability as well as minimalism, as this is one of the main characteristics of the brand.


It took us less than two months to build a campaign that could be easily and profitably scaled. In the first three months we were able to double the used ad budget and reduce the cost per conversion to a very healthy amount.
As a by-product of our paid ads, the brand’s organically managed Instagram account grew from 1K to 50K followers within four months. This also led to various influencer campaigns.


Average ROAS


Increase in Ad Spend



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