Boost Authority, and Revenue, for a Food Processor Brand


Paid Advertising has been a part of German kitchen Brand Generation Yes’s marketing strategy, but the founder never had the time to use this channel’s full potential. Therefore their competitors had higher authority in the market and more opportunities to acquire customers through social media. Through a focused paid advertising strategy we drove high-quality traffic to their products and increased their revenue and ROI.
Our biggest challenge was to increase brand visibility while setting the label apart from the producers’ brands of kitchen devices. We needed to establish Generation Yes as a standalone brand while also taking advantage of the device brand’s benefits.


Since some data from Facebook and Instagram advertisements were already available, we developed an advertising strategy based on user behavior over the past 18 months. The audience insights that we were able to obtain helped us significantly to set up campaigns that worked.
To increase brand awareness, we also worked with the founders to develop a Google Shopping and Pinterest Advertising strategy. We implemented this multichannel approach within the first two months successfully.

Multichannel Approach

The brand has existed for several years, so we decided to implement a multi-channel approach to be represented on as many platforms as possible. With this strategy, each platform serves as an entry point into the brands’ customer journey.
Our focus lay on Facebook and Instagram advertising as it was the most profitable for the brand. Google Shopping campaigns allowed us to acquire visitors with a high level of buying interest through search. And since Generation Yes produced a lot of recipe videos with their products, we also used this content to supplement our strategy with Pinterest ads.


Results of this campaign were outstanding, especially keeping in mind that this was after reversing a strong negative trend. Through Top of Funnel Campaign optimization as well as other PPC recipes, we were able to increase conversion rates and impressions and in turn, we’ve scaled and increased Ad Spend over 80%.


Average ROAS


Increase in Ad Spend


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Conversions

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