Increasing E-Commerce Revenue for a Supplement Startup


After the sparkling idea for a nutritional supplement for computer gamers, the startup still needed more customers to grow. A few months after their initial product launch, the founders requested our help because it turned out to be very tough to establish a new brand in the supplement area. The very young audience of the product made marketing even more challenging.
After the startup got us on board, we had to find a way to market a low-cost product with a small profit margin and a very tiny monthly ad budget.


The paid advertising strategy we put in place left no room for guesswork. For the first few weeks, we focused solely on strongly optimizing the click prices of the published campaigns to produce profit within the low ad budget.

We intended to double the ad budget within three months to drive growth and reach their milestone of onboarding their first team members.


After three months of working together, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition by 86% while increasing the ad budget by over 290% – and that was just the beginning. After nine months, we increased the ad budget by over 800% and generated an incredible 9x ROAS before the brand shifted its paid advertising efforts to an in-house team.


Average ROAS


Increase in Ad Spend over nine months


Increase in Impressions


Decrease in Cost per Conversion

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