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Feb 1, 2021 | Insights

Home-office and remote work. Since the beginning of 2020, many of us had experienced work concepts like this. Although the transition has not been and still is not easy for many people around the world, it offers several benefits. As a team, we have decided to work remotely.

Why Remote Work?

For multiple years we’ve worked remotely in our agency life. More than in previous years after the outbreak of the pandemic. For me, the opportunity to work remotely has always been a blessing. For my colleagues, it has been both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

When we were deciding where in the UK to open our office, it quickly became clear that we all want more freedom and want to work remotely.

A decisive advantage that remote work brings in our eyes is the high degree of flexibility that we experience. Because working remotely allows us to approach each day individually.

Can’t our children go to school or kindergarten? Does a customer in the US have a promotion that we should take care of spontaneously later in the evening? No problem. Taking an unplanned break or prioritizing hurdles can be done through remote work.

Because for us, remote means that our everyday life no longer has to adapt to specific working hours or locations. And the distance to one another is by no means an obstacle.

In good company

We are by no means alone with the decision to work remotely as a company. Brands like Automattic, the company behind WordPress, Glitch, and Zapier, for example, work remotely with several thousand employees worldwide. And very successfully.

For us, this means that we can take a step towards the future, together with the pioneers of remote work models.

Advantages for our clients

But of course, the fact that we work remotely also has decisive advantages for our customers.

Fast response times

While I shut down my computer in Scotland in the late afternoon to attend to my family, Chris has just started working in Mexico. We can therefore stand by our customers around the clock if necessary.

Lower costs

did you know how expensive an office in London is? A tiny office that might fit three desks costs as much a month as the salary for an excellent Facebook marketer. And then you work somewhere on the outskirts of town. We forego these expenses completely and are therefore far more competitive as a young team than large, local agencies.

More expertise

we don’t fight for the best specialists in the regional market. With a pure remote model, we have the opportunity to bring top international talent onto the board.

Practical test 2021

We will test our idea for 2021 and determine by the end of the year whether the remote model will work for us in the long term. We will of course regularly inform you on our blog about changes and our experiences with the remote model.

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